Sponsor Wellington Shire Council

Wellington Shire Council is located in the Gippsland region of the state of Victoria, Australia and is approximately two hours east of Melbourne by road or rail. It was formed in 1994 after the amalgamation of the Shire of Alberton, the Shire of Avon, the Shire of Maffra, the City of Sale and parts of the Shire of Rosedale.

It is Victoria’s third largest municipality, covering an area of 10,924 square kilometres and is home to 44,380 residents (ABS 2019 Estimated Residential Population:) spread across more than 30 different communities.

Wellington Shire comprises a three-ward structure (Northern, Central and Coastal), which is represented by nine Councillors with three Councillors representing each ward. Wellington Shire Council employs a workforce of a full time equivalent of 310.68 people (as at 1 May 2020) comprising full time, part time, casual and trainee/apprentice staff.