Sponsor Tafe Gippsland

We believe education changes people’s lives

So, you want to know more about TAFE Gippsland?

Well, it all started 85 years ago, right here in Gippsland. Our name has changed a few times over the years but our passion for empowering local students and workers with life-changing training has been there since day one. We’re your local TAFE, and we’re here to transform your future.

Quality programs, people and places

When you go to TAFE, you get high-quality courses and accredited qualifications, experts teaching you skills and supporting your learning journey, and 10 beautiful campuses with specially designed learning environments. It’s an experience beyond education.

A course for every passion

We are all unique. We all have different talents, goals and dreams. So, to make sure you can follow yours, we’ve got a whole range of courses to choose from. Aeroskills, Painting and Decorating, Hairdressing, Aged Care – you name it, we’ve got it. A diverse course catalogue for a diverse Gippsland.

We’re building real futures

Going to TAFE isn’t just about getting a certificate on graduation day. It’s about creating an  opportunity to launch a career that excites and inspires you. So we make sure our courses offer hands-on experience and relevant skills that match workplace requirements. And we have great relationships with a network of employers in local industries to get you started.

We’re for Gippsland 

So, what’s so special about us? We’re all about Gippsland, that’s what. We give local students and

workers the opportunity to receive top-class education and training right here in regional Victoria. Keeping the talent in Gippsland means a bigger, better and stronger future for our local industries and community as a whole.

Opportunities for all

We believe in offering a great alternative to the more traditional academic path. One that’s purposely designed to be inclusive, flexible and accessible. From apprenticeships to certificates to advanced diplomas, and full-time, part-time and online options, there’s something for everyone at TAFE Gippsland.