Latrobe City Council

Sponsorship: Category Sponsor

Latrobe City Council is committed to supporting businesses and industry to start up, grow and prosper. Council is also committed to attracting and developing new industries in the municipality. This will be achieved by a focus on diversification of industry so that there is less reliance on traditional industries and Latrobe City can move to take advantage of new industry opportunities.

The Latrobe Valley has a history of innovation and a strong work ethic, particularly around the coal extraction and power production industries. A key competitive strength, that is recognised nationally, is the quality of the engineering expertise that exists in ‘the valley’.

This history and strength of engineering will be the key focus of industry attraction and development. Recognised as one of Victoria’s four major regional centres, Latrobe City is home to over 5,500 businesses and 73,000 residents.

With a Gross Regional Product (GRP) of approximately $4 billion and annual business turnover estimated at $8.6 billion, Latrobe City makes a significant contribution to the Victorian economy and is home to a diverse mix of industry.

Latrobe City is proud to be one of the founding category sponsors of the Gippsland Business Awards, recognising excellence throughout Gippsland’s business community.