Business School Takes On Business Awards Sponsorship

Business School Takes On Business Awards Sponsorship

December 9, 2016

The Gippsland Business Awards has a new naming rights sponsor, with a three year commitment by Federation University’s Business School.

Gippsland Business Awards Chairman Graeme Sennett said: “The future of our region lies in diversification and success in its business operations, attributes that Federation Business School also demonstrate and support.

“We are thrilled to be embarking on an exciting new three year partnership with Federation Business School.”

When asked why the Business School was doing this, Associate Professor Bob O’Shea the Executive Dean of Federation Business School said “it is clearly in line with our mission and vision which is to make a positive difference to the people organisations and communities we serve. “One of our core aims”, he said, “is to help regional communities to become sustainable places to live, grow, work, raise a family etc. The ingredients that contribute to sustainable communities are many ….. but one thing for sure is the critical role business plays. Thriving businesses usually means thriving communities. Business creates jobs…. which creates income…. which leads to spending and re-investment in the community. Jobs lead to family security, access to better health and education opportunities…..improved ‘wellbeing’. So you can see the cycle – as I said – thriving business is one of the keys to thriving communities. As part of a regionally based University, we at Federation Business School believe we have a leadership role to play in helping develop local ‘capacity’. The Gippsland Business Awards are an important part of that capacity building process. They celebrate the diversity of our thriving business community and showcase creativity and enterprise. They are a valuable tool to promote business success and publically recognise exceptional achievement. We absolutely want to support that”.

The launch of the 2017 Federation Business School Gippsland Business Awards is expected to take place in late March 2017.

Mr Sennett said the relationship with the Federation Business School was a solid fit with the awards’ objective of reinforcing the link between business excellence and regional sustainability.

“There are many synergies between the Gippsland Business Awards and Federation Business School. The School demonstrates great professionalism in delivering business education and growing the region’s business capability.

“Our new relationship will further strengthen the Gippsland Business Awards and our capacity to recognise, support and promote the best businesses in Gippsland.”

Mr Sennett paid particular credit to long term naming rights sponsor Bendigo Bank.

“We are delighted that Bendigo Bank is staying on as a category sponsor and I would like to thank it for its contribution to the Business Awards and by extension the businesses of Gippsland. With the Bendigo Bank’s support, and the ongoing support of all of our sponsors, the awards have prospered.”

For further information contact Graeme Sennett, telephone 0417 509 149


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